Used Books: Man’s Greatest Underutilized Resource

I read like there is no tomorrow. On a good week, I can read 5 to 6 books. It also means that I spend a lot of money on books and Librarians have come to have a love/hate relationship with me. However, I figured that I can still get my reading fix while not leaving my wallet gasping for air. Used books have become my best friends and here are a few reasons why used books are the way to go:

  1. Used books are often cheaper than both their physical and electronic brethren. In addition, paper backs are even cheaper than their hardback counterparts. You can often find hardbacks for under ten dollars and paperbacks for under five dollars. It should be noted that pricing can vary from seller to seller. Generally, used books are kinder on your wallet than new books are.
  2. Buying used books is a good way to give back to the Earth. It is no secret that books are made of paper and that often creates a lot of waste. Buying used books reduces the number of books printed and selling used books gives used books a new lease on life. Either way, you are helping out Mother Nature and you are making someone very happy by giving them to chance to read your book.
  3. I find that when I go used book shopping, they always have some of the most unusual selections of books. Now, when I say ‘unusual’, I mean they are not typical selections you would see at a chain bookstore. This is pleasantly wonderful, because I get a chance to read books that I would not normally pick up. You can find some wonderful novels that way. You can also find older and rarer additions. It really is amazing some of the novels you can find at the bookstore.
  4. Used Books have character. There is something wonderful about knowing the book in front of you has lived many lives. It is so interesting to think about the journeys the books could have taken. Maybe, it’s just that I read way too much for my own good and romanticize the idea of used books. Either way, there is something about used books that give them character.
  5. You can always resell! You aren’t stuck with a book for life and you can pass it on once more. You get to give that used book another chance at life. One of the books I recently bought used was absolutely terrible, but I am going to resell it because I know there is someone who will treasure that book and enjoy it.

So, to sum up the article, used books are awesome and a great way to spread books around. I hope you have fun reading and that you get to go on many different journeys with many different books. I want to leave you with a quote that sums up one of the many joys of reading and I wish you a happy reading with your used books.

We read to know we are not alone-C.S. Lewis