That’s So Thrifting Cool!

Do you know why so many people love Halloween? It’s because Halloween is a holiday that everyone can participate in and the day has no religious, federal or special memorial observance affiliation. In fact, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t excited about Halloween each year. The only judging that takes place on this holiday is for the most brilliant, creative, elaborate or scary costumes – and everyone is always a winner in their own way.

Halloween is the most fun holiday to celebrate, have fun and get crazy. This year our blog team is preparing a series of blog articles for thrifty Halloween ideas – how to stick to a budget and take advantage of free items, recycled materials and poppin’ tags at your local thrift shops for great deals on costume accessories. If you have some awesome Halloween thrifting ideas, let us know by leaving a comment below so we can get in touch with you! We would love to include your ideas in our blog posts leading up to our favorite holiday!

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