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Pawn Shop Directory

Tag Sell It Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a nationwide Pawn Shop Directory to compliment their three existing second-hand market-related directories.

The Pawn Shop Directory offers owners of Pawn Shops two listing options, a free listing and a premium listing. The free listing will simply note the name of the shop and address, while the premium listing is a comprehensive listing of the business and allows owners to provide a link to their website, complete contact information, full shop description and even add pictures such as their logo, or other shop related photos. Every shop is given a dedicated directory page and shop listings are organized by state.

Jonathon Papsin and Matthew Dorman, the founders of Tag Sell It Inc. say, “We launched the Pawn Shop Directory because the Pawn Broking industry and community has grown quickly in the past couple of years, especially because of the economic climate of the nation.” Pawn Shops offer a unique opportunity for people looking to sell their unwanted items for cash on the spot or who may just need an immediate cash loan without credit approval and are comfortable using their personal property as collateral for a period of time. “People need alternatives, not just for selling their items quickly or obtaining a loan, but they also want choices when it comes to buying pre-owned merchandise or even collectibles, and Pawn Shops can offer that” says Papsin.

Tagsellit.com is a free service that enables users to upload photos of personal property items they wish to sell from around their home, fostering one of the largest “virtual yard sale” website platforms. For commercial business owners, it offers merchants the same free service, where store inventories or featured items can be added to the site for online shoppers to browse.

To add your Pawn Shop to the directory, click here: http://www.tagsellit.com/pawn-shops/add-yours

What is a Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops have grown tremendously in the past century across the United States. During the Great Depression era, pawn shops were among the only institutions offering cash as banks failed and people were forced to give up cherished items to make ends meet. Pawn shops continue to be a primary place where people can turn their items into cash today. Many shops operate as alternatives to banks for millions of people who do not have checking accounts, and they also serve as an area of exchange for people of all class backgrounds to buy and sell unique, rare or coveted items. Electronics, musical instruments and distinctive pieces of clothing are also commonly pawned items.

According to Gold and Silver Pawn in Las Vegas, NV, “the pawn shop industry has been criticized at times for preying upon the poor with inflated interest rates and low-balling the value of goods in order to turn a profit. But organizations such as the National Pawnbrokers Association, established in 1988, contend that their industry offers a viable solution for those in need of cash. Pawn shops are required to uphold clear regulations about the terms of the pawn contract and the amount of interest on the cash loans. Each pawned item is also registered to prevent the sale of stolen items.”

Pawn shops can be great repositories of history, holding antiques, jewelry, furniture and other items that have been passed from generation to generation. Good owners may genuinely know their source, or offer tales of where they believe items came from and how much they are worth, and great pawn brokers do their own assessment of each item, estimating its age, authenticity and value on the open market.