Pleased To Meet Me: Bekka is a stylist, vintage fashion maven, + lover of all things kitsch.

A shot of me in Montauk in the sun with champagne...couldn't be happier!

A shot of me in Montauk in the sun with champagne…couldn’t be happier!

I’m Bekka. I’m originally from the East Coast, and after college moved to The Big Apple, where I worked for Betsey Johnson, Binetti, and kate spade new york. After 5 years of doing marketing, public relations, and everything in between, I picked up and headed West to San Francisco. Working in tech media relation for one-year+, I soon realized fashion was where my heart is, and have since been working with great fashion-tech companies, as well as Pickwick & Weller, an SF-based luxury t-shirt brand. Spending time between SF and Los Angeles, I continue to seek out incredible new brands, fun new ways to shop and style, and always keeping an eye out for thrilling vintage and second-hand finds.

I love vintage and thrift shopping and styling, and am a firm believer that every wardrobe can be tweaked to be as hip, in-season, and chic as the latest trends.¬†With that thinking in mind, I launched a blog, “From Her Closet,” where I style and shoot looks from head-to-toe picked entirely from my own wardrobe.¬†Styling with vintage and thrift items is one of my favorite ways to style – but also ways to shop!

Now that I’ll be contributing to Second Hand Social via TagSellIt, my favorite thrift looks, specialty finds, and seasonal scores can be shared with this new community, as will my posts from “From Her Closet.” I’ll also be posting thrift store tips, where to go for what, and my all-time favorite tricks to getting great goods every time you shop.

Looking forward to sharing with all of you!