We all need inspiration to create magnificent second hand designs. However, inspiration can be hard to find at times. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple image to light that simple spark of inspiration. Here are a few different designs that can help spark your inspiration.

Dressers: Dressers are always something simple to do. You can either give your second hand find a new coat of paint or you can even rearrange the dresser. 

Plate: Old Dishware can even be reused as means of decorating. You can repaint and design these plates as the ones above. Or you can always turn your old dishes into clocks. The possibilities are endless and the choices are yours.

Ladder: Don’t be afraid to go outside the lines! You can use the old ladder you find at a garage sale as a decoration. You can decorate with vases full of flowers or you could put photo frames lining the steps.

Mirrors: Old mirrors do not have to stay mirrors. You can paint over the glass with chalk paint as the one above. There are multiple things you can do with the frame and the actual mirror itself.

Hopefully, after a seeing a few of these, you feel inspired to go out and create your own designs. Happy decorating and designing everyone!