Free Stuff!

Like many of us, you’ve probably visited a yard sale and found that the sellers have a sectioned off area where they’re giving stuff away for free and seen other sales where you wonder why the stuff they’re selling isn’t free. Free stuff that has value to someone shouldn’t be considered junk, but rather items and accessories that could possibly attract a larger crowd to your event with the hope that they’ll peruse more than just the free items and actually buy your stuff. The great thing about free items is that you both feel good about giving and receiving something for nothing!

Here’s a quick list of items that we’ve put together from our readers’ feedback as well as ourselves:

  • Magnets
  • Keychains
  • Old Pens, Markers, Pencils
  • Coupons (Like Bed Bath & Beyond, because they never expire!
  • Old T-Shirts – Bag them up and give them away as cleaning rags
  • Paperback Novels – Anyone can get free paperbacks from their local library, so by advertising “Free Books” you’ll definitely draw some attention
  • Bite-Size Candy Bars – These are great because while we don’t recommend baking anything or going overboard with refreshments, this is just a quick little appreciation snack for people coming by and taking things off your hands. Leave the lemonade stand to your kids.
  • Shells