Flip for Profit Garage Sale Finds

There’s really no special talents required to find items at a garage sale and flip them online for profits. It just takes some common sense, research and some basic e-commerce internet skills.

Here are a handful of items you can look for at the next garage sale in your neighborhood to start making a quick profit with:

Ball Mason Jars

  • People love collecting these because they have so many different uses, from storage, to decorative to drinking glasses. On eBay some Ball Mason Jars are selling for as much as $100.

Brand Jeans and going auction rates:

  • True Religion: $81.00
  • Levi’s (lEvis): $100+
  • Sinful: $50
  • Silver: up to $40
  • Lucky Brand: $12

PEZ Candy Dispensers

  • Holiday PEZ and sets are popular
  • PEZ Pre-1990 (from the 1970′s like Bugs Bunny)
  • Rare, limited edition PEZ or Foreign PEZ

Legos / GI Joes / Star Wars Action Figures

  • Y-Wing Starfighter Set going for $41.40 with 18 bids
  • Sets of Star Wars Legos $250+
  • GI Joes (with file cards) $50+

Betty Crocker Cookbooks
Betty was prolific in publishing cookbooks, but if you can pick up the right old copy for a few dollars, you may make a tidy profit.

  • Her 1956 hardcover edition sold for $61 on Ebay with 8 bids
  • A 1980 orange hardcover edition sold for $13.01 with 4 bids

Vintage Dresses & Costume Jewelry

  • These cost a pretty penny if you buy them new, and the most popular right now are patterns from past eras. Seen for sale for 10 cents at a church sale according to shoppers, but they’ll go for $5-$12 on Etsy shops

Patagonia Fleece

  • Ebay buyers seem to love these, one is currently $50 on eBay with 12 bids, a navy one is $31 with 21 bids. Also, a blue one, with half a day left in bidding, is up to $20 with 5 bids.

Twilight Series Books

  • Readers on Ebay can’t get enough of Stephanie Meyer. The four set of new Twilight books is in demand, and if you run across it a rummage sale, you can turn it around for up to $43. Several listings and bids on this. The audio CD’s of the series is going for $101 with 25 bids to date.


  • Steer away from service magazines that are stacked in most households. Vogue’s from the 60′s and those with a celeb on the cover, such as Princess Grace, can fetch up to $20 on Ebay. Currently the September 09 issue has attracted 14 bids topping out at $15.50.

Hudson Bay Blankets

  • On Ebay they’re selling in the range from $52 to $140.

So the next time you’re out at a tag sale, be sure to spend a little extra time shifting through the stuff for sale, you might just find a diamond in the rough… or an extra $50 for your pocket.